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How Tradetracker works
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How Tradetracker Works


    The system creates an easy-to-follow, consistent process for all appraisals.

    Trade Profitability

  • Eliminate costly errors - no more inaccurate, incomplete or illegible appraisals
  • VIN decoder automatically provides correct year, make, model, trim, engine, transmission and drive line - simply enter the VIN and click submit
  • Customer declaration field reinforces accuracy – comprehensive disclaimer to protect the dealership, cannot print appraisal until vehicle accident questions completed

    Consumer Trust and Credibility

  • Professional, printed, legible appraisals – salespeople and customers are more comfortable
  • Instant evaluations – detailed appraisals are created in a matter of minutes
  • Elimination of “behind the scenes” discussions – customers are more engaged and involved


    When you know your business more intimately, it’s provides a clear path for improvement

    Inventory Management

  • Entire trade inventory just a click away - every appraisal is catalogued in the “Vehicle Index”.
  • Search capabilities for trade follow-up – now you can search for car you don’t have on your lot and match buyers with sellers!
  • Complete details of past appraisals for instant and comprehensive searches – easily locate detailed appraisals if customer returns to the dealership, view all incoming trades, compare previous appraisals on similar vehicle
  • Dealer groups – link multiple locations together to create a master database, benchmark performance between locations
  • Combined appraisal index – access trade inventory for all locations within one database and eliminate duplicate appraisals for locations in close proximity to each other
  • Access to trade inventory worldwide – know your business 24/7, convenient for dealers who frequently travel and operate multiple businesses 

    Simplified accounting and record keeping

  • At-a-glance tracking reports and dealership summaries – how many trades appraised, how many won, how many lost, available instantly
  • Vehicle log reports – customer contact information is captured with every vehicle appraised
  • Instantly accessible, legible records – appraisals are accessible by accounting personnel for easy commissioning 

    Improved business insight

  • Win-loss ratios by sales person, make and model – increased accountability and knowledge, know exactly who are most effective and who require more focus with specific makes and models, know what brands you are conquesting
  • Identify top salespeople and training needs – know exactly who the best trade negotiators are and who require more support
  • New versus uses win-loss ratio – identify how new and used departments interact and how it relates to appraisal values and trades won and lost
  • Eliminate performance gaps – provides insight to make large or small adjustments as the business and your people change